Digital Ink


At Ink & Letters we are dedicated to print as a medium for excellent art and writing: it’s right there in our name. Imagine the bitter, chemical, slightly burnt-smelling odor of fresh ink on paper, and the solid, durable little bricks of metal type in a printing press. We love the physicality of those things, and we love the weight of a lovingly-made print journal in our hands. But we’re not total luddites, either, and we know that digital media are essential for connecting with our (present and future) readers, contributors, and friends. We’ve been active—or at least present—on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a while, to help us do just that. But we’re happy to begin, with this post, our new Ink & Letters blog. (There’s no actual ink involved, of course, so feel free to suggest a catchy, more appropriate title.)

So what can you expect to find in this digital space? We’ll share news about the journal and about our fantastic contributors. We may link to art and writing we find notable, thought-provoking, or buzzworthy. Occasionally, we’ll post book reviews. (Hint: check back soon for a review of Addie Zierman’s memoir Night Driving, an excerpt of which appears in our current issue.) We may post interviews with contributors or artists and writers we admire. In short: we want to cultivate conversations with others working at the intersection of art, creativity, and faith. We hope you’ll be part of those conversations, or at least drop by once in a while to eavesdrop.