What Would John Poch Read?

When we constructed the Ink & Letters Summer Reading List, we asked several of our contributors and friends to recommend books they think everyone should read. We also asked several of them to share what books they were looking forward to reading themselves. In case you missed it, we shared poet Juan Morales's summer reading picks here. Earlier this week we shared the books on activist and author D.L. Mayfield's summer reading list.Today we roll out the third post in this series.

John Poch, whose poems "Horses & Sawhorses" and "The Plaza of Good Success" appeared in I&L issue 3, shared three titles he's reading this summer. Here they are:

  • Dodgers by Bill Beverly

  • Hard Scrabble by John Graves
  • The Colossus and Other Poems by Sylvia Plath

John Poch's most recent book, Fix Quietwon the 2014 New Criterion Poetry Prize.