Great Things to Come


When we received “Everything Is Already Inside Something Else” in a submission for Ink & Letters Issue 4, we knew we had a great poem on our hands. That was one of two poems by Cameron Alexander Lawrence that we published in our issue themed “Perspective” in Fall 2016, which also included excellent writing by Angela Doll Carlson, Ellen Estilai, D.G. Geis, and Marci Rae Johnson, just to name a few. We were thrilled, of course, when Lawrence’s poem was selected for inclusion in the next year’s Orison Anthology, “an annual collection of the finest spiritually engaged writing that appeared in periodicals in the preceding year.”

The truth is (in our slightly biased opinion) that all of the work we publish is worthy of the kind of recognition The Orison Anthology gave to “Everything Is Already Inside Something Else.” We’ve had the privilege of publishing work by numerous writers we’ve come to deeply admire, and who grapple with issues of the spirit from diverse perspectives, such as John Poch, Laurie Jean Cannady, Juan Morales, Charity Gingerich, Benjamin Myers . . . and the list could go on. 

Now, with the impending publication of Issue 7, constructed around the theme “Bodies in Motion,” we are thrilled to bring you new nonfiction by Verdell Walker, Jessica Hooten Wilson, and Leah Pannell, short fiction by Aaron J. Housholder, and poems by John Fry, Stephanie Saywell, Brent House, Jane Simpson, Curtis Sharp, and Branwyn Holroyd. Not to mention the outstanding artwork and photography we include in every issue. These writers and artists each bring a unique perspective on our theme, presenting bodies of various shapes, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds moving in all kinds of ways—including travel, yoga, belly dance, migration, flight, and more.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the great things to come in Issue 7, order your copy today.